‘Car-Flipping Iranian Anadrol’ Part of the Florida Steroids Bust

flbust ‘Car-Flipping Iranian Anadrol’ Part of the Florida Steroids Bust
by Joe Pietaro

I guess they don’t call them A-bombs for nothing! Perhaps the most entertaining part of the Polk County, Florida steroid bust was this gem of a statement from Sheriff Grady Judd, who apparently has been appointed the czar against performance-enhancing drugs in his own mind:

“Cops are afraid of this steroid because it can make people so crazy they can flip a car,” he said regarding oxymetholone, commonly known as anadrol. This particular form that was recovered in the raid was from Iran, so who knows if the government knows something we don’t? Maybe Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a batch of these cooked up right next to the nuclear power plant.

Seriously, folks. It is remarks like that which cause more good than bad. Anyone who has ever used A-50 knows it’s got a nice kick to it, but doing Superman-type feats of strength like overturning an automobile is pretty outlandish, if I should say so myself.

Franco may have been able to lift a car in “Pumping Iron,” but flipping it is another story. You know some inexperienced 20-something year-old is going to read that and say to himself, “I gotta get me some of those!”

Hey, Sheriff – what type of car were you referring to? One of those new Smart Cars that look like they came out of the Tonka factory or a ‘real’ one that weighs over 2,000 pounds?

How long before the mainstream media picks up on that statement and paints a picture of a juiced-up maniac running around like The Incredible Hulk flipping cars over like pancakes? Even when someone like Sheriff Andy Taylor over there tries to give himself credibility by making a big bust, he loses some of it with nonsensical statements. But the 6 o’clock news anchors won’t know any difference and polarize a remark like that.

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