Bye Bye 45-second Routine & One-Piece Swimsuit Rounds

byebye Bye Bye 45-second Routine & One-Piece Swimsuit Rounds (IFBB Pro Only)
by Isaac Hinds

YAYEEEE! While I’m not a professional fitness competitor (yes, I am captain obvious at times) I do cover many of the shows. The IFBB Professional League has issued an advisory notice that has MAJOR changes for pro fitness competitors. Beginning next month there will be NO ONE-PIECE and NO 45-Second routine!

I’m stoked with this decision because the one-piece is a waste of time, in my opinion. Physiques are shown at their best in the two-piece round although some competitors may not feel that way. They will also save money by eliminating the costly suit. Shows will move much quicker with only one round and if/when the new bikini division is adapted to the Pro League, this will help with the duration of the show. Most fitness competitors I’ve talked to have no problem with the 45-second routine going away. The elimination saves them on purchasing the mandatory black “catsuit” and choreographing another routine.

The following notice was issued by the IFBB Professional League:

FROM: IFBB Professional League
To: All Athletes, Judges, Officials and Promoters
Date: September 9, 2009


This will confirm that a proposal has been submitted to the IFBB Professional League to eliminate the 45-second routine and one-piece swimsuit rounds in Pro Fitness.

Although a formal vote will be taken at the IFBB Professional League annual meeting on September 24, 2009, this proposal already has overwhelming majority approval of the IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE and will therefore be adopted.

Fitness competition will then consist of two rounds – the Two-Piece Bikini and the Two-Minute Fitness Routine – each valued at 50% of the total score.

To provide sufficient lead time to accommodate this rule change, the IFBB Professional League herewith provides notice that the change will take place beginning with the Fort Lauderdale Pro Fitness competition on October 10, 2009.

Jim Manion
IFBB Professional League

The only people I see being upset from this notice are the suit makers but life goes on. I applaud the Pro League office for the changes and look forward to them taking place in Florida. BRAVO!

**Note this is ONLY for PRO FITNESS competitors. There isn’t a 45-second routine in the amateur divisions and currently the Pro Figure division still has two rounds.