Branch Warren Primed for Mr. Olympia Run

branch-warrenBranch Warren Primed for Mr. Olympia Run
By Joe Pietaro
for MuscleSport Mag

Big things were being predicted for Branch Warren back in 2006. The Texas native stood in the winner’s circle at the Charlotte Pro and Europa Supershow in 2005 and finished as the runner-up in the Arnold Classic and San Francisco Pro Invitational a year later. But then he had three disappointing finishes in a row, fifth at the 2006 Grand Prix Australia; 12th at the 2006 Mr. Olympia and seventh at the 2007 Arnold Classic.

The “Quadrasaurus” then tasted victory in the 2007 New York Pro before placing fourth in Columbus, Ohio the following year. Warren then injured his tricep and had to sit out the 2008 Mr. Olympia, all the while setting his sights on the next Arnold Classic. When he walked on the stage during prejudging, it was quite apparent that he was fully healed and ready to do some serious damage, even though he didn’t appear at his best.

Only the great physiques of Kai Greene and Victor Martinez – themselves returning from injury – caused Warren to finish in third, but it is by no means any slight against him. He also took home his second ‘Most Muscular’ award at the Arnold and is going to be even better come September in Las Vegas.

Now that he has one contest under his belt post-injury, Warren has to be viewed as a Top 6 candidate at the O. While his mass definitely stood out at the Arnold, the Olympia line-up will include two-time champion Jay Cutler and Dennis Wolf, both who are known for their massive physiques.

If Warren can hone in on gaining more size while staying in proportion, he may have a chance on placing very high. He is a fan favorite and the judges seem to like him, as well, so with that going for him he is ahead of the game.

Warren showed that he can come back from a lengthy period away from the stage and still be a Top 3 finisher. With seven months left to prepare for the Mr. Olympia, he has enough time to get his conditioning even better and the result may be scary.

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