Bodybuilder Victor Martinez Unfairly Targeted by Steroid Witch-Hunt


Bodybuilder Victor Martinez Unfairly Targeted by Steroid Witch-Hunt

by Millard Baker

IFBB pro bodybuilder Victor Martinez was unfairly subjected to a “witch hunt” by an inaccurate article appearing in the New York Daily News. Sports writer Christian Red inaccurately reported that Victor Martinez owned the Gurabo Supplement Store in the Dominican Republic when, in fact, Martinez does not have any ownership interest nor does he receive any monetary benefits from the supplement store. Daniel Ferreira, an attorney for Martinez, formally requested a correction in a letter to Christian Red of the Daily News to set the record straight.

Mr. Martinez’s posters are displayed in the store. The posters are for the supplements line Mr. Martinez endorses in the United States. By way of background, Mr. Martinez was invited as a guest poser to an event conducted by the Dominican Bodybuilders’ Federation. The Gurabo store, a sponsor of the event, requested that Mr. Martinez’s appear at the store and promote his supplements line. Your article somehow bestowed an ownership interest on to Mr. Martinez from the display of his posters of a supplements line from the United States in the Gurabo store. Your story lacks any credible evidence; I am very confident that you were not shown any documentation that supports your blanket assertion that Mr. Martinez is the owner of the Gurabo store.

The “irresponsible reporting” represents the most recent type of witch-hunt to target Victor Martinez. In 2007, Martinez was unfairly targeted in another type of steroid witch-hunt led by the grandstanding District Attorney David Soares of Albany County. Soares publicly identified Martinez as an “un-indicted co-conspirator” in the Signature Pharmacy steroid scandal; Victor was never charged with a crime after almost two years. The practice of naming unindicted co-conspirators is frowned upon by many in the legal community and unethical, if not unconstitutional. Attorney Daniel Ferreira decries the behavior of David Soares as part of a pattern of prosecutorial misconduct.

Your irresponsible reporting is the equivalent of the “witch hunt” conducted by the Albany County District Attorney, David Soares in the Signature Pharmacy case. Mr. Soares proudly claimed that Mr. Martinez was an “un-indicted co-conspirator” violating Mr. Martinez’s constitutional rights. Mr. Soares was widely criticized for his handling of that case and the harm he caused by his prosecutorial misconduct. As widely reported, the charges were dismissed in that case and Mr. Martinez was never charged. To date, Mr. Martinez has not received an apology from the Albany District Attorney’s Office. Your inaccurate article is another witch-hunt.

David Soares’ office has not only failed to apologize to Victor Martinez, but continues to publicly list Martinez’s name and photograph on their website in a diagram of Operation Which Doctor thereby depriving Victor Martinez of his due process rights under the Constitution.

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