2009 Australian Pro Grand Prix Results

2009ifbbauspgp2009 Australian Pro Grand Prix Results
by John Romano

Fresh off his Arnold Classic victory Kai Green endured a grueling flight half way around the world and landed no worse for the wear. He looked a little bigger than in Columbus and not quite as sharp (at least from the pics I’ve seen) but still good enough to slide once again into that first place slot.

Right behind him, Silvio Samuel finished in 2nd over much larger Toney Freeman. Freeman looked at least as good as he did in Columbus; while Silvio, shredded as usual, still lacked the 20 pounds needed (in my mind) to beat a guy like Toney. But, given the subjective nature of bodybuilding and the fact that the judging panel was pretty much completely different than it was in Columbus, Freeman had to graciously settle for third.

Michalis Kefalianos (4th) from Greece and Ivan Sadek (5th) rounded out the Top 5. While I’ve never heard of these guys, they certainly were two of the most shredded men I’ve ever seen. Their structures may have paled in comparison to the top 3, but their conditioning was so over-the-top it made up for what their physiques may have lacked in aesthetics. In their cases, conditioning trumped mass and symmetry.

Final Placings:kai-greene

1. Kai Greene
2 . Silvio Samuel Saviour
3 . Toney Freeman
4 . Michalis Kefalianos
5 . Ivan Sadek
6 . Oscar Tua Dexter
7 . Rusty Jeffers
8 . Constanties Demetrious
9 . Grant Andre Pieterse

Article Source: Rxmuscle.com

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