Jay Cutler Ready to Defend the Mr. Olympia Title

Fans Line Up for Defending Champion at ‘Meet the Olympians’
By Joe Pietaro, MuscleSport Mag

Jay Cutler

When you’re the defending champion, long lines are expected at these ‘meet and greet’ functions. That also holds true if you’re the guy that everyone feels has the best chance to unseat number one. It just so happens that both of these people were seated on completely opposite ends of the Mardi Gras Ballroom, but directly across from one another.

That made for difficult logistics as each line grew. By the time the majority of the crowd was allowed in the room, it was difficult to see who was sanding where. Jay Cutler and Dennis Wolf were the obvious stars of the session, and the fans that showed the patience to wait for a few moments with them, it was all worth it.

Cutler had an air of confidence about him, and judging by the way he appeared, had good reason to feel that way. “Everything seems to be coming together well,” he said. “The year went well. he preparation has gone great. Now it’s just fine tuning into the contest.”

The 2007 contest has been considered a controversial one, as Cutler was able to hold off strong competition from Victor Martinez, who was unable to go this year due to a knee injury. Cutler does not see an easy go just because Martinez will not be there.

Everybody’s competitive. Dexter, Dennis Wolf, Phil Heath. All those guys.” When asked directly about Wolf, Cutler acknowledged, “He’s good.”

If the number of fans getting autographs and taking photos is any indication, both Cutler and Wolf will do well for themselves come Saturday night.