It Was All Dexter Jackson at the 2008 Mr. Olympia

No Contest in Taking the Sandow from Jay Cutler
By Joe Pietaro, MuscleSport Mag

Dexter Jackson’s reaction upon hearing his name announced as the 2008 Mr. Olympia winner.

Las Vegas, NV – Although a good portion of time had passed, when Dexter Jackson arrived at the after party, the newly-crowned Mr. Olympia was still at a loss for words. Arriving fashionably late dressed in a dapper dark blue suit, the man known as ‘The Blade’ was introduced and spoke briefly to the gathering as he accepted his FLEX Magazine award for ‘Bodybuilder of the Year.’

“I still can’t believe it,” he stated more than once. But believe it, because it’s true. Once the top six competitors were down to two, there was no way that Jay Cutler was going to make it three straight.

Jackson had better symmetry than the defending champion and the rumors swirling around the Orleans Hotel that Jackson was ahead after the prejudging came true. Perhaps the only disappointing thing about Jackson’s presentation Saturday night was his posing routine, which did not flow and his transitions were a bit awkward. In comparison, Cutler’s routine was sharp and regal, but it was not enough to get him a third Sandow.

The posedown made the place louder than it was during the individuals. Dennis Wolf seemed to have his eye on Cutler, who motioned to the crowd if that’s what they wanted to see. The two blonde monsters went at it pose for pose as the rest of the field moved around the stage.

At one point, the X-Man, Tony Freeman, had the entire right corner of the stage to himself and really excelled. Towards the end of the posedown, Cutler hopped down to the auxiliary stage and was followed by the rest of the pack, who went across doing their routines.

Jackson, perhaps feeling confident at that point, did not seem to be on Cutler’s tail and went about his business. Looking better than he has all year – a year, mind you, in which he already won three contests.

When Jackson and Cutler stood side by side, it was clear that Jackson had the better physique. His mid-section was tapered, unlike Cutler’s, which has been a complaint against him for some time now. Jackson’s lats were more prominent, and his narrow waist and defined obliques made his back even more prominent. His chest, delts and arms were proportioned perfectly and matched his lower body.

All in all, Jackson’s win was far from an upset. In fact, it would have been just that if Cutler’s name had been called.