Interview with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilding.com was pleased to welcome to its worldwide webcast coverage of the 2008 “Arnold Classic”. Regarded as one of the most recognizable men in the world, the California Governor visited with hosts Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo for an exclusive post-contest interview in Columbus, Ohio. Schwarzenegger shared his thoughts on the 20th anniversary of his event and the current state of bodybuilding. A former Mr. Olympia champion, the Governor’s appearance on the webcast came just moments after he presented the winner’s trophy on-stage to the champion, Dexter Jackson.

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Bodybuilding.com’s Ryan DeLuca said, “We are working hard to promote the positive message of fitness and bodybuilding. Governor Schwarzenegger has led by example for many years and we support his commitment to health and wellness.” According to webcast statistics, it has been confirmed that the 2008 “Arnold Classic” was the most watched event in bodybuilding history.

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