Was Craig Titus linked to Andy Pettitte?

Craig Titus linked to Andy Pettitte?
February 18th, 2008

A story that broke today is reportedly linking Craig Titus to New York Yankee’s pitcher, Andy Pettitte.

Report: Pettitte HGH source came from ex-high school classmate

New York, NY (Sports Network) – The human growth hormone Andy Pettitte received from his father reportedly came from a former high school classmate of the New York Yankees pitcher.

Craig Titus Bodybuilder Craig Titus Felon Bodybuilder

The New York Daily News reports trainer Kelly Blair, who owns a gym in Pasadena, Texas, is the source of the HGH.

Blair and Pettitte attended high school in Deer Park, and the triangle of the HGH source is oddly connected. Pettitte’s wife’s brother married Blair’s sister, according to the newspaper.

In his deposition to congressional attorneys nearly two weeks ago, Pettitte said his father obtained the HGH from a gym he works out in, “a guy that’s the trainer there.” Tom Pettitte has had serious health problems, including having open-heart surgery, according to the Daily News.

The newspaper reports Blair owns 1-on-1 Elite Personal Fitness, but he has been out of the United States for the last several weeks. The Daily News reports a whistleblower close to the gym told the newspaper that shipments of HGH and steroids, including Dynabol, Winstrol-V and Deca-Durabolin, would come and that they were moved through the gym by Blair.

The Daily News reports some of the drugs came from steroid-user Craig Titus, a champion bodybuilder who is facing a murder trial in Nevada for the slaying of his former live-in assistant.

The Daily News reports pictures of several professional athletes, including Pettitte were displayed on the wall of Blair’s gym. The newspaper said eight other major leaguers, several pro golfers and an NFL quarterback were also pictured.

Also, Blair was reportedly seen working with Koby Clemens, the son of seven- time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens, who was involved in a heated congressional hearing this past week. However, the Daily News reports that Koby Clemens, who is now playing baseball in the minors, hasn’t been linked to any illicit activity at the gym.

Andy Pettitte is due to arrive at Yankees spring training on Monday and is expected to make his first comments since telling a congressional committee that Roger Clemens spoke to him about using HGH.

Source: Thesportsnetwork.com

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