2009 Arnold Classic Competitor List

The Arnold Classic, renamed Arnold Fitness Weekend, is an annual bodybuilding competition, named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, that takes place Mar 6 2009 – Mar 9 2009 at the Columbus Convention Center located in Columbus, Ohio. It is considered the most lucrative competition in bodybuilding, with a number of large prizes. Most notably, first prize consists of $130,000 check, a Hummer vehicle, and a Rolex watch. The Arnold Classic rivals the Mr. Olympia in prestige and popularity. Like most bodybuilding competitions it is always hotly contested and often only one or two competition points will separate the winners.

Mar 6 2009 – Mar 9 2009
Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, Ohio

2009 Arnold Classic Competitors

2009 Men’s Bodybuilding Competitors

Gustavo Badell
Moe El Moussawi
Toney Freeman
Kai Green
Ahmad Haider
Marcus Haley
Johnnie Jackson
Dennis James
Victor Martinez
Ronny Rockel
Silvio Samuel
Sergey Shelestov
Branch Warren

2009 Fitness International Competitors

Jessica Clay
Regiane Da Silva
Nicole Duncan
Tina Durkin
Heidi Fletcher-Sullivan
Bethany Gainey
Tracey Greenwood
Oksana Grishina
Jen Hendershott
Tanji Johnson
Shannon Meteraud
Mindi O’brien
Julie Palmer
Erin Riley
Trish Warren
Nicole Wilkins-Lee

2009 Figure International Competitors

Gina Aliotti
Huong Arcinas
Monica Brant
Heather Mae French
Amy Fry
Adela Garcia
Jennifer Gates
Sonia (Adcock) Gonzales
Lenay Hernandez
Georgina Lona
Juliana Malacarne
Zivile Raudoniene
Kristal Richardson
Felicia Romero
Sherlyn Roy
Chastity Slone
Brenda Marie Smith
Erin Stern
Latisha Wilder

2009 Ms. International Competitors

Heather (Policky) Armburst
Dayana Cadeau
Iris Floyd Kyle
Maria Del Carmen Gomez
Rosemary Jennings
Debi Laszewski
Cathy LeFrancois
Mah-Ann Mendoza
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
Betty Pariso
Brenda Raganot
Isabelle Turell
Betty Viana-Adkins
Dena Westerfield

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