2008 Mr. Olympia Preview: Can Jay Make It A Three-Peat?

2008 Mr. Olympia Preview:
Can Jay Make It A Three-Peat?

by Bodybuilding.com

Two big questions are being asked about the 2008 Mr. Olympia. Can Jay win his third Mr. Olympia title by defeating Dexter Jackson? The other question on the minds of the fans is who will place higher, Phil Heath or Dennis Wolf?

Last year Jay Cutler edged out Victor Martinez in a somewhat controversial decision. Many thought Cutler was off in his conditioning during the prejudging and Victor would triumph and become the new Mr. Olympia. Jay, however, managed to transform his body just enough for the finals and Victor faded slightly. This enabled Jay to regain the title. This year, Martinez is sidelined with an injury and that allows a few guys to start thinking about moving up a place or two in the final standings.


Speaking of guys moving up a place, Kai Greene has opted not to compete in the Mr. Olympia this year. He’s using a strategy much like Phil Heath has done the last two years. Greene wants to rest, grow and make a huge impact when he finally does step on the Olympia stage.

Branch is out of the big show too. Branch Warren injured his tricep when he slipped walking down the stairs at his house. The injury required surgery to repair it. He’s confident, however, that he’ll be back in time for the 2009 Arnold Classic.

So Who Is In The Show?

As this article is being written, there is still one IFBB Pro competition to be held with Olympia qualifications up for grabs. The guys listed here will be based on the athletes who are scheduled to compete before the Atlantic City Pro Show. In alphabetical order, here is that list:

* Abiad, Fouad Canada
* Anthony, Jr. Melvin USA
* Badell, Gustavo Puerto Rico
* Cutler, Jay USA
* Elmoussawi, Moe New Zealand
* English, Kevin USA
* Freeman, Toney USA
* Heath, Phil USA
* Henry, David USA
* Ingram, Leo USA
* Jackson, Dexter USA
* Jackson, Johnnie USA
* James, Dennis Germany
* Richardson, Craig USA
* Rockel, Ronny Germany
* Samuel, Silvio Spain
* Shelestov, Sergey Russia
* Wolf, Dennis Germany

Not much more than a few drops of water and an ounce or two of fat separates the top 10 from the top 15 in the Mr. Olympia each year. It’s usually more difficult predicting the placements of the athletes from 11 to 15 than the guys who take the top five spots. Without further adieu, here are my predictions.

Official Mr. Olympia 2008 Website

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