Muscle Building Mistakes That Will Stop Your Gains!

Far more people start working out and then quit then those that start working out and stick with it!10 Critical Mistakes!

#1: Missing Workouts

No Train-No Gain! Never miss a workout.

#2: Missing Meals

Feeding your muscles is a must. Make a meal Plan and stick with it!

#3: Not Enough Intensity

Muscle growth is related to the intensity level you train at. Train with half-ass intensity and you’ll get half-ass results!!

#4: Not Enough Protein

The 3 macro-nutrients, protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Only one goes directly towards building muscle and that is protein! Get a lot of it!

#5: Always Trying a new Training Routine

Skipping from one workout to another will do nothing for muscle growth. Nothing replaces maximum effort, stick with a routine!

#6: Talking Too Much During Workout

Shut-up and train! Don’t be a dick in the gym that just won’t shut the hell up! Train first, then talk!

#7: Feaking 2 Hour Workouts!

Get rid of your 2 hour marathon and keep it to less than 60 minutes of training!

#8: Training too Often.

One thing you must realize is that you don’t grow in the gym. Growth takes place during resting!

#9: Wasting Money, Time, and Effort!

Their is no miracle supplement. All you need is the basics and a little elbow grease! Most are just an excuse for hard training.

#10: Reading Magazines

The routines you find in magazines are way outta wack and are planned for juiced up Pro Bodybuilders. The “average joe” has no use for all that volume. *roll eyes* so stick with an ideal workout.

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