How to Lose the Last Few Pounds of Ab Flab

“Stubborn Fat.” You know what I’m talking about – the kind of flab that sticks to you in those hard-to-lose places: The lower abs, the lower back, the “love handles,” the back of the arms, the upper-thigh/butt area – yeah, THAT fat! How do the bodybuilders and fitness models do it? I mean, how do they get that hyper-ripped, thin-skinned look that reveals every ripple and sinew and mound of chiseled muscle definition?

I can tell you this- the answer is NOT drugs. I’ve never taken a steroid or physique-enhancing drug in my life, and I routinely hit 3-4% body fat for bodybuilding contests without difficulty. Some drugs work, but they are NEVER more than a temporary solution, and the nasty side effects just aren’t worth it.

The answer is NOT fad diets. It’s a FACT – 95% of all diets fail. If you diet the way most people are doing it, you might even be slowing down your metabolism and making yourself FATTER!

The answer is definitely NOT supplements, either. Some of my protégés were spending $300.00 or even $400.00 a month on worthless supplements and they now get BETTER results, FASTER with my new system – with absolutely no supplements whatsoever (or just the bare basics).

After 14 years of trial, error and experimentation, I finally discovered the answer and developed a fool-proof system to reach outrageously low body fat levels the natural way – no drugs, crash diets or supplements necessary. And now I’m finally revealing my secrets in this new “encyclopedia” of fat loss called, BURN THE FAT, FEED THE MUSCLE (BFFM)

These advanced, mega-powerful fat burning secrets do not appear to you magically just because you started working out. These insider nutrition and training techniques are not casually discovered on your own. You need a guide who has been there… done that…

I will be your own personal coach, take you by the hand, and lead you through the lousy advice, marketing B.S., hype, fads and gimmicks…and directly to the sort of physical condition that will make your body a specimen of magnificent proportions and flawless symmetry – The type of body that is envied, admired and noticed by everyone.

Don’t even THINK about buying any supplements or going on a diet until you read my revealing, no-holds barred fat loss report…

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Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle
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No bull or gimmicks. Just proven information. Get educated and take control of your life.

“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” (BFFM) is a 337 page fat burning success manual in e-book format, jam-packed cover to cover with all the fat destroying methods previously known by only a small handful of the worlds best fitness models and bodybuilders. This program contains all the information you’ll ever need to help you melt away body fat permanently without muscle loss and without using drugs or unnecessary supplements.

Fat Burning Secrets of The World’s Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models
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    Why 95% of all diets fail…and steps you must take to be in the successful 5%

    How to break through any fat loss plateau

    Why dieting can cause serious damage to your metabolism and actually make you fatter

    Why eating certain “good” fats can actually speed up fat loss and increase energy levels

    How to eat 50% more calories without storing an ounce as fat

    Zone and Atkins…why most people fail on both of these diets in the long run

    What the supplement companies hope you never find out about meal replacements drinks

    The bodybuilder’s secret fat burning weapon

    How to eat right for your body type

    Secrets of meal frequency and timing

    How to burn fat around the clock – even while you’re sleeping

Solid information backed by an unconditional 100% guarantee:

Chapter 1: Goal setting: Set powerful, compelling goals to create unstoppable motivation
Chapter 2: Why 95% of all diets fail – The 8 most powerful strategies to permanently lose fat without diets or deprivation
Chapter 3: Body composition: How to determine your fat to muscle ratio
Chapter 4: Charting your progress: How to use performance feedback to get to where you want to be
Chapter 5: Metabolic individuality and your body type: Doing your best with what you’ve got
Chapter 6: The law of calorie balance and the mathematics of losing body fat
Chapter 7: Secrets of meal frequency & timing: How to turn your body into a fat-burning machine
Chapter 8: Macronutrient ratios: The optimal combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats for fat loss
Chapter 9: Good fats vs. bad fats: How to speed up fat loss, boost muscle growth, increase energy by eating the right fats in the right ways
Chapter 10: Protein: The muscle builder and metabolic activator – How much you really need
Chapter 11: Clearing up carbohydrate confusion: Are carbohydrates your friends or foes?
Chapter 12: How to get as lean as a bodybuilder or fitness model using a new twist on the old low carbohydrate diet
Chapter 13: Why water is essential for fat loss, how much you need, and what else you should (and shouldn’t) drink
Chapter 14: The BFFM eating plan: How to design your own flexible, easy, and effective meals and menus
Chapter 15: Supplements: What the supplement companies hope you never find out
Chapter 16: Cardio training secrets for maximum fat loss: Why it’s better to burn the fat than to starve the fat
Chapter 17: Weight training for fat loss: Why diet and cardio are not enough

This is not a quick fix, so don’t expect “overnight results,” but when the results do come – look out! You’ll notice the first changes start to happen the very first week. By the third week, you’ll be leaner, harder and more muscular – lean enough that others will take notice and wonder what you’re doing to look so good. Every week after that it will get better and better as fat quickly melts away and your metabolic rate starts “racing” like a turbo charged engine.

By the 90-day mark, your metabolic furnace will be burning hot and you’ll look and feel so great that your friends will be practically breaking down your door to find out how you’re getting so lean. Best of all, you’ll know that the fat loss you’ve achieved is permanent and you’ll own the knowledge that got you there.

Author Tom Venuto is a champion “natural” bodybuilder and renowned fitness expert.

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