Sport’s Supplements: Cut the CRAP! – Part III

In Part I we examined certain Supplements we consider a Bodybuilder’s bestfriend……Protein, creatine, glutamine and anti-oxidants.Sport’s Supplements: Cut the CRAP! – Part I

Part II examined several groups of supplements that work, as in they areeffective, but carry a cost and we are not talking about money.

Sport’s Supplements: Cut the CRAP! – Part II

Now, here in Part III, we look at “Pure Crap”, save your money! These areonly this author’s opinions, I sell many of the supplements mentioned,always informing the customer, but often time losing to the “power ofAdvertising!” We have had many discussions with the companies themselves,their distributors, scientists, research departments, etc, only to concludethe consumers attention and dollar rule the marketing decision, not thequality of the product. The result is too much crap!

Liquid Creatine: After lengthy conversations with SKW Laboratories(Creapure), we were assured that creatine can only be stabilized in oil,and if there were a way to make a “liquid creatine”, SKW would be leadingthe way. Creatine breaks down into it’s component amino acids (arginine,glycine, methionine) within two hours of being placed in liquid. Next camethe independent third party lab assays all saying there was NO CREATINE inthe products. Finally we called the companies involved, they explained “Wehave changed the molecule, so you can not test for it.” Unbelievable BS!

The recent “Class Action Suit” against this product hasn’t detoured saleseither. Please look at a bottle. The leading product claims 75 grams ofcreatine in their product. You can’t even fit 75 grams in the littlebottle, let alone find the residue of the so called semi-dissolved creatine.It kills me when I sell bottle after bottle of it and the person says, “Ilove this, I don’t get any of the side effects I do when I use powderedCreatine”. I reply, “That’s because there is NO creatine in it!” They buyit anyway.

Growth Hormone, Sprays, Analogs, Prologues: More hype and advertising goesinto these products than you can imagine. The only people getting anyresults from these products are the ones selling them. Strange how thosebuying them never get any results. The truth is, if it’s not prescriptionGH, a certain combination of 191 amino acids, refrigerated immediately onceit is reconstituted, then it is bunk! Exceptions would be that there issome weak scientific evidence that homeopathic GH preparations, and someamino acid combinations produce an “infinitesimal” release of GH within onesbody. If you want more GH, sleep deeper (REM stage 3 and 4 sleep aid in thebody’s GH production)

5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone, aka Methoxy-isoflavone, or Methoxy: Oncethought of as both an anabolic and anti-catabolic isoflavone, it wasrecommended by a nationally renowned trainer that dosages be increased towell over a gram a day in order to experience results. We called themanufacturer on a leading product, named after the “key ingredient”, when wetraced that ingredient down on the contents list as occurring right betweenthe 125 mgs of calcium and 100 mgs of sodium. What a joke…’d need 10servings of the product to theoretically get anywhere…and theirexplanation….”Well our research shows…….” Having sold quite a bitof this product, I can tell you my research shows “No Effects” even at 2grams a day. Not to say that it doesn’t work for some, just that it doesn’twork for most!

Ecdysterone, Plant Sterols, Sasprilla, Frac, Dibencozide, Gamma-Oryzanol,Colostrum, Inosine, Ipriflavone, Wild Yam, and the list goes on and on!

It’s not that all of the these products “don’t work at all”, some haveother uses. It’s that they are simply not worth investing in.

Day after day, trainees come to me looking for that “Magic Pill”, thereare no shortcuts to hard work, good nutrition, and proper recovery. Withsupplements, nobody has reinvented the wheel, they have simply repackagedit, hyped it up, and now charge an arm and a leg for it! Invest insupplements that are safe, and proven to work, and give you good return foryour investment. Save the rest of your money, don’t buy the highlyadvertised “crap”

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