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April 2014
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by Mike Howard

Calories have become a perfect target for diet book authors and gurus alike to play on the emotions of those who struggle with weight. In the typical diet book and health blog world, calorie (and any mention of counting them) is met with an illogical amount of hostility. It has become one of the greatest sources of confusion in the word of fat loss and has undoubtedly led to much frustration for those looking to shed pounds. Rest assured you are not alone if you are befuddled by the whole thing…

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Summer’s coming and you’re determined to have stronger, leaner abs. Good news is you’ve still got enough time to make it happen. Bad news is you’ll probably waste your time training the wrong exercises the wrong way.

This article will tell you how to avoid common mistakes and give you five true steps for revealing your abs.

#1: Lose the Belly Fat with Sprint Intervals

Chances are you need to lose some fat if you want strong, cut abs. This does not mean you need to spend hours a day killing yourself in the gym or starving yourself.

Simply adding in a few sprint interval sessions a week and tightening up your diet will start the fat removal process from your middle.

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by Tom Venuto

Since 1989, when I started in the fitness business, I’ve seen dozens of diet supplements burst onto the scene, sell into the multi-millions, only to drop off the map and end up buried in the graveyard of fat loss products (that we now know never worked in the first place). The shelf life is usually a year or two – three if they’re lucky – before the FTC sues or the product dies a natural death as the novelty wears off. They’re promptly replaced by “the next big thing” … an African cactus, a berry from the Amazonian rain forests, an ancient Asian tea, an herb from the Himalayas… sound familiar? There’s always an exotic story that hooks people again, isn’t there?

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by Mike Arnold

When it comes to the subject of hair loss, you will find strong opinions on both sides of the fence. For some, it is simply a natural part of life; not something to be feared or despised. Being met with acceptance, these individuals fret little over the state of their hairline, opting to take a razor to their heads rather than invest in potentially costly treatments designed to spare this cranial covering. For others, hair loss can have a profound impact on the emotional well being of the individual, causing anxiety and negatively affecting one’s self-perception and quality of life.

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by Charles Poliquin

“Cardio makes you fat.” This is a common belief in the hardcore training world, but the truth is that it is all in your definition of “cardio.” Fat loss is easy if you know how your body uses energy and how to exploit it: Enter intervals.
Interval training is a powerful tool that gives you back considerably more in terms of fat loss than the effort required.

Steady-state cardio on the other hand is unlikely to give you good results unless you become a cardio junkie, continually increasing your distance, increasing your intensity, or decreasing the amount of food you eat—all options that are way more trouble than they’re worth.

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by Keith Alpert

As a Strength Coach and a Personal Trainer for 15 years, I’ve had a chance to see many fitness enthusiasts workout at many gyms in my local area and throughout the country. At any given gym or fitness center, the one thing that I notice is how you see the same people doing the same workouts month after month, year after year. The amazing thing is that these people continue to look the same or they are actually looking worse aesthetically. This is especially true with the constant performance of continuous aerobic work.

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by Charles Poliquin

Virtually every gym in the country has a machine for lat pulldowns. They are among the most widely performed upper body exercises in commercial gyms. Even Arnold does them. Even so, lat pulldowns are not particularly effective for developing the upper body.

Lat pulldowns do have some value; for those who have upper body injuries or are in the beginning stages of shoulder rehabilitation, lat pulldowns are a better choice than, let’s say, chin-ups.

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by Josh Hodnik

Not many supplements have had a bigger impact on the sports nutrition industry over the past few decades than whey protein. Until the early 90s, the only powdered protein available was in the form of soy, egg, or milk. These protein powders from decades ago tasted horrible, clumped when mixed, and digested poorly. When whey protein was first introduced as a sports supplement, it was praised for it’s high absorption rate, solubility, and superior taste. Finally, a protein powder was available that allowed bodybuilders to consume higher levels of protein that contained high levels of BCAAs, without having to consume it all in the form of whole foods.

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by Mike Arnold

In today’s world of bodybuilding it is not uncommon to hear of some individuals using doses which, 20 years ago, would never even have been contemplated by the typical professional BB’r. In fact, things have progressed so far that cycles which were once reserved for only the most daring of competitors are now being employed by low-level amateur BB’rs the world over. As a whole, the BB’ing community has been conditioned to accept these doses as a prerequisite for success. With 3-4 gram cycles now considered a minimalistic approach by many, one must wonder at what point a further increase in dose becomes futile, or possibly even counterproductive.

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by Charles Poliquin

Ever think there must be a better way to fix your body? A surefire way to lose body fat?
The perfect method of feeling inspired every time you train?The big fat truth is that stress is a huge daily reality that’s keeping you from reaching your potential.

Did you know that people who cope with stress by consuming “comfort foods” rich in fat and sugar gain weight, and that the amount of weight gained is greater than the amount expected based on the calories consumed?

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by Vince DelMonte

Hypertrophy Cluster Sets

This post is the second in a series introducing you to under-utilized, advanced training techniques. As I explained in my last post on constant tension timed sets, the key to steady growth without plateaus is to force your neuromuscular system to adapt to a continuously changing set of stimuli.

These training techniques that I’m talking about this month are not unheard of and were not created by me, but they’re generally only used and understood by more advanced bodybuilders and their coaches. These are all techniques that Ryan and I only use with our personal one-on-one clients, because they do require precision, oversight and careful monitoring in order to work safely and reap the best results.

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