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November 2012
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Archive for November 7th, 2012

If you read my articles you know that explosiveness is largely dependent upon strength, and strength is fairly influenced by muscular growth, or hypertrophy. In this article I’d like to address another topic along these lines and this the topic of functional vs non-functional hypertrophy. Non-functional hypertrophy refers to gains in muscle size that aren’t associated with an improved capacity to produce force. “Functional” hypertrophy refers to gains in muscular size that improve maximal force production, and thus carry over into the real world. Simple enough.
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by Mike Arnold

Welcome back. In Part #1 of this article I spoke about the reality of the BB’ing diet and hinted at why food intake is the single greatest contributor to stomach distension in today’s BB’r. In this piece, we are going to start off by elaborating on this factor a bit further, after which we will address all the other causes of distension. In a nut-shell, the amount of food required to build & maintain the muscle mass seen on today’s professional BB’rs has become absurdly large. Among those who believe that drugs are the sole culprit of today’s bulging midsections, the question has been posed…
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