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November 2012
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Archive for November 2nd, 2012

By Mike Arnold

If there are any side effects associated with steroid use that most individuals would like to avoid, it is that of impotence and loss of libido. While these are common side effects of AAS use, many who suffer from them choose to remain quite, rather than seek help and suffer the perceived embarrassment of admission. This is unfortunate, as this experience is not a mark of male deficiency, but that of a drug-induced hormonal imbalance. There are several potential causes responsible for the appearance of these symptoms, all of which need to be treated in their own way if a speedy recovery is desired. In this article we will cover all the basic causes and cures for diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunction in the steroid user.
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by Brad Schoenfeld

What makes muscles grow? Brad Schoenfeld, author of The MAX Muscle Plan, answers this big question in our new, exclusive Burn the Fat Blog interview with Tom Venuto… Read on to discover what the latest research says about the mechanisms of muscle growth, how much hormones really affect the muscle building process, how to use periodization to gain the most muscle in the least time while avoiding injury and overtraining. plus much more…
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